Sunday, January 15, 2012

China Glaze Buys

China Glaze: Sun Worshipper.

I wanted to buy different polishes this time, instead of sticking to my normal pink-based polishes. I've been eyeing this color for some time. It's so bright that it looks almost neon to me. I'm pretty sure I could be a traffic-cone at night. Which is what it looks like, and which is not translate over in my pic. It's redder and brighter and it dries matte. I put on 4 coats because it's a little transparent. I daresay this color is not for the faint of heart.

China Glaze: Midnight Mission

I've heard a lot of praises from bloggers online about how beautiful this polish is and how it is a absolute must-get. While it was a nice 2 coats of perfect polish, I think it looks rather normal for me. Perhaps I have too high hopes for this polish. I still love it though, as there's nothing like it in my stash.

China Glaze: Re-fresh Mint

It looks less blue in real life than in the above pic. It's actually closer to green. I've heard that this is a close dupe to Essie Green Candy Apple and I wanted to get the Essie one. But then I went to Scape and China Glaze polishes were at 3 for $20 so I grabbed it up with a bottle of Seche Vite top Coat. I love this color, it reminds me of the sea and the sky (even if it wasn't blue!) This is 2 coats.

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