Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earrings for Sale

I've made these earrings a long time ago and have now decided to sell them online. I'm going to test the waters of online business so please pardon me and be extra patient with me. I love design and craft since I was young so my hands have always been busy. I tend to think of it as being creative. ^^

These earrings are selling at $6. Shipping fee is $2.50 to the rest of the world and $1.50 for Singapore address. Contact if you are interested. There is only a pair of earrings available each. All rates are in US Dollar.

If you bought the two of them, a total of $10.50 will be charged. Shipping fee $3.

Redness on the Prowl

I named this earrings as such because they make me think of a lady wearing a red dress in a ballroom. 
I bought the materials for these at a shop in Jurong Point which closed down a while ago. The red jewels are actually Swarovski crystals. 

 Victorian Lady

These beads are given to me from my aunt. They are actually part of a bracelet but I removed them and remade them into a pair of earrings. I love how the beads look antique and the awesome details on the flowers. They do remind me of a Victorian Lady, and that's how I named the earrings.

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