Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fimo Art - SnowFlake Mani

I did promised to put up a mani when I received my fimo slices! So here it is! I've wanted to add this the moment I saw the snowflakes, so my blue sponge glitter mani was just waiting for the arrival of the fimo!! 

I only added the fimo slices, swarovski crystals, and silver art glitter to it. It reminds me of snow, which is an irony when I've NEVER seen snow before!! The whole mani is so glittery and so shiny that I kept staring at it and examining it! Of course the Aries glitter (Rainbow #80) helped a lot with its holographic glitter. But I think it's the details that make it so attractive to me!

I love fimo now! But I shudder to think of the horror when I remove this mani! All the glitters........ *Choke*

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