Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silver Leopard Prints + Orders Online + Nail Polish Rings

I'm back with leopard prints again! I decided to do a silver base because I tried it out a while ago on a nail plate and it looks pretty so I decided to do a mani on it. I had on hot pink leopard prints so I went for a more daring change and  chose pink and blue. I've decided that I love blue a lot. I used to think blue was too 'off' for nails, but now... blue is my 'go to' color now.

Colors used: Base MichelleT61.
Pink Leopard Prints: OPI Panda-monium Pink, OPI Charged Up Cherry
Blue Leopard Prints: CG First Mate, Essie Borrowed and Blue

And my 2nd Order came from Gmarket. I still haven't used all these fimo yet. But I'll... Soon. I'll placed a fimo nail art here again. 

I think the steel beads are too small.. I took a pic here to show how tiny it is. It's so tiny I'm sure it'll fall off even if I stick it on my nail properly. So, now I've to decide what to do with it. 

And I got caught up in the whole nail polish rings. I saw the Faber Castle DIY Ring kit on sale for about $7, I think, so I bought it. I painted these immediately!

In the foreground: 
Pink and yellow Ring: Michelle B46, B56
Blue Dotted Ring: Essie Borrowed and Blue, Essie Lapis of Luxury, CG Midnight Mission

In the background: 
Ring on the Left: CG Liquid Mission, Essie Shine of the Times
Ring on the Right: Elianto Racing Green

What do you think of the Rings?

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