Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silver Cross Mani

I was looking at all the blogs I was following a while ago and I found this mani on Nailside and I decided to do it. I do like the classic color combination, red and black. It does look vampy when you focus on the black parts, and when you look at the red portion, you'll see a heart instead. You can see the link here

I didn't use tape but freehanded the black part.

Used: OPI Big Hair... Big Nails, CG Liquid Leather

In additional, I'm also did a silver cross mani a while back. I took inspiration from my friend, who did a similar one, and tweak it a bit. I think hers look better tho. She followed a tutorial on Youtube. Sorry for the messy paints on the side of my nails. I wanted to take photos before I took off the mani, and was lazy to clean up.

Used: OPI Step Right Up!, OPI Charged Up Cherry, Beadstreet T61, Black Nail Art Polish

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