Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue Roses

My posting has been rather erratic recently, but I've plenty of good manis coming up! Today's mani is not of the Line Series, but I do like it A LOT! No harm in taking a little break from looking at all that lines...

I've been experimenting with roses, specifically how to draw them as simple as possible but also as real. This is my latest conclusion. I think it's beautiful! My relatives have been gushing over it. 

Used: OPI Alphine White, Michelle B28, Elianto 18, Elianto 15

My Seche Vite Top Coat has ran out. As it happened, my bottle already has bubbles for a while. I continue using it because it is such an AMAZING topcoat. I'm going to buy a new bottle this Sunday at *Scape after the night cycling event that I'm participating in with my bf. Hopefully he's dazed enough (after one night of no sleep) to allow me to buy more than a bottle of top coat and base coat. I have several China Glaze polishes I want to get my hands on!

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