Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Konad Pink Animal Mani

I tested the Konad that I bought yesterday, and ran through my polishes finding good ones to use with the plate. My verdict: There's absolutely no need to spend the extra money to buy the Konad polishes, especially if you have the plenty of polishes at home. All thick, creamy, opaque polishes works wonderful.

Anyway. this manicure consisted of OPI Pandamonium-Pink, and printed with zebra stripes and Leopard prints from M57 using OPI Charged Up Cherry. Charged Up Cherry is my favourite-st pink of all. 

 You can probably see that the zebra print on my ring finger is a little wonky, but it's harder to print zebra than leopard. Probably because it is stripes. I took the easy way out by putting zebra on my index and ring fingers because the nails are shorter, and leopard for the rest. I have to double stamp my thumb and middle finger. 

Overall I think this Konad thing is AWESOME, I'm definitely going to use it more. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop freehand nail art. Maybe I'll mix both into one mani.

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