Thursday, March 22, 2012

Line Series: Fluttering Butterflies!!

Butterflies!! I have seen a couple of manicures with butterflies, but I wanted to do one where I can make use of my fimo canes. Afterall, I do have a few fimo canes of cute butterflies and it would just be lying unused in a corner if I don't use it in an occasional mani for this site. 

Used: Essie Borrowed and Blue, Elianto 15 & 18, OPI Alpine Snow
I drew the dotted lines using the Nail Art Pen. 

I took a look at this pic and realized my nails are too long and I cut it a while ago. So some of the pics have long nails but some have shorter nails. I've gonna keep them 2-3mm from the nail bed from now on. 

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