Friday, April 27, 2012

Bought: Nail Stripping Tape

I am still studying for exams.. that means I am still on my polish spree. I have spent $100 so far and I'm so poor.. I started with NerdLacquer Don't Blink and A England Iseult, followed by nail tape and Zoya Trixie, Crystal and Apple, and finally A England Tristam and Dragon. And these polishes don't come cheap too. I am on the verge of ordering Zoya Charla when I got this strange thought in my head: I probably should RETHINK buying this. Isn't that odd? 

Anyway, I got this tape here and the kind vendor threw in some rhinestones too! So what if I have too many rhinestones and these are probably going to go into my nail art box? It's a freebie and EVERYONE loves freebies! 

The tape was really small, it took me by surprise. I thought it would be normal tape size but apparently these are TINY. I wondered for a while if there are two different sizes of tape, because it really does not look this small when I looked up the pictures on the web.

So I took a picture that is similar to the picture I saw and it was the same size! Nope, it is supposed to be this small, I guess. It is still rather surprising though. 

So, I tried the tape on. I wanted to do a cross mani like ChalkboardNails but it failed. So I would not insult you by posting pictures of the disaster here. 

That's it! I'll post more of my attempts at Tape Mani here! 

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