Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Colorful Zebra

I saw a video about sponging recently and decided to try it again. I have not been very successful in sponging polishes other than glitters and I sort of gave up a while before. I gave it another try this time and I am quite satisfied with my results! The tip is to paint a white base and then sponge colors over the white.  It takes some maneuvering, but I think it looks awesome especially after I stamped zebra prints over it! 

Used: Opi Alpine Snow, CG Lemon Fizz, CG Re-fresh Mint, OPI Pink Friday 
Stamped with CG Liquid Leather with Konad Plate M57

Below: This is what it looks like before I stamped over it. I also painted a coat of tiny glitters that I bought from TheFaceShop at Westmall. For some obscure reason, the salespeople has a habit of talking to you even though you do not appear interested in ANYTHING other than the polishes. I find it annoying. But their glitter polishes are sooooo awesome!! Maybe I am too polite?? 

If you want to see the gold polish I bought from TheFaceShop, click here. I made a beautiful gold and black leopard print with it. 

On the side note, do anyone recognize the background of this picture????

It's the yellow line at our MRT station! Haha. I'm the weird girl who took pictures of her nails in public places. 

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