Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Did You Know About: NerdLacquer? Don't Blink

Today's shipment comprises of two very special polish: A England Iseult and NerdLacquer Don't Blink. I have heard sooooo much about these two indie polishes, about how awesome and unique they are.. When I heard that SgNails stock them, it is as if my dream came true. Of course I had to buy them! Each one retails at $18 each. The delivery is extremely fast, thank god, because I had a sleepless night because of them (too excited). Anyway, they were extremely well packed, with loads of bubble wrap. The envelope has a layer of bubble wrap and the polishes had an additional individual bubble wrap too. 

The bottle on the left is Iseult and the bottle on the right is Don't Blink. You can see how awesome the glitters are in Don't Blink in the upclose picture below. 

So, I immediately took off my current polish and painted Don't Blink. I wanted to see if it is as good as it is rumored to be. 

I painted two coats for each nail, and they cover up pretty well. It is also pretty easy to get the bigger glitters out, and the amazing thing is that, you can still see the glitters in the first layer because the second layer is semi-sheer, yet there is no visible VNL. Prettty awesome huh? 

I love how it is greyish but instead of looking dull, it pretty much rocks due to the different sizes silver glitters. Plus no two nails are identical! 

This is probably the best picture that I can come up with. Seriously, you have to see it for yourself.

The application was pretty perfect, as smooth as butter when you applied to your nails. The bottle has a weird smell though, not like those normal polish smell, but a different fruity perfumey smell. I am not sure how to describe it. It goes away pretty fast once you close the bottle. 


I realize a problem about the time I moved to paint my left hand: what if I finish my bottle of Don't Blink? It's probably stupid since the only polishes that I could ever finish ever since I started buying polishes months ago is my Top Coat and Base Coat. Still, it seems like a reasonable concern to me. Or worse, what if Nerdlacquer stop selling?? Or SgNails stop importing?? *Gasp* Does that mean I have to stockpile them??

I am wearing this now and I am loving it. I am already eyeing other Nerdlacquer, namely, I think You Call Me...Sexy, Event Horizon, Outed by Probots, Shiny, Pinning for Fjords. I have yet to try the A England polish, but once I did, I'll post it up. I have got a long LONG list of posts that are overdue and I have scheduled them over the next few weeks since there might be some interruptions since my exams is next week. On the other hand, the possibility of me being away from my comp? Close to zero. 

Did you have any favorite Nerdlacquer that you want to get your hands on?

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