Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nail Art Competition: The Princess and the Frog

I'm participating in my first ever nail art competition!! I am taking part in the contest held by Neverland Nail Blog. The theme is 'Do You Believe in Magic?', which brings to mind so many happy and wonderful things! Magic makes me think of love, and thus, I did my nails accordingly. 

I saw a frog prince nail design so I wanted to do a design that include a frog. When I came across this competition, I decided to incorporate the frog into the design. And ta-da, The Princess and the Frog! 

Once upon a time.. there lived a beautiful princess. Everyday she would go to the pond in the garden to play with her golden ball. On that fateful day, her ball dropped into an old well in the corner of the garden. There was nobody around to bring the ball up for her, for the well was too deep and dark for her to climb down herself. Saddened, she dropped to the ground and wailed loudly.

Polishes used: 
OPI Pandamonium Pink (Background color) + OPI Alpine Snow + China Glaze Liquid Leather
(Index Finger) OPI Skull and Gloss Bones, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk
(Middle Finger) Beadstreet A43, Rainbow 11
(Ring Finger) TheFaceShop Gold, Raindbow 11, Essie Topless and Barefoot, OPI Get In The Expresso Lane.
(Pinky) Rainbow 11, China Glaze Aquadelic, OPI Skull and Gloss Bones, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk

"Why are you making such a din?" A very annoyed voice spoke up from beside her. 
The princess gasped and stopped crying, for no one had ever spoken to her in the tone in her whole pampered life. "My ball fell into the well and I can't get it back," The princess told the frog. 
"If I get it back for you, would you let me follow you the whole of today?" The frog asked. 
The princess frowned, for the frog was very slimy. She did not want to accept the frog's condition, but she wanted her ball back very much. And so she agreed. 
The frog jumped into the well, and appeared a moment later with the golden ball. The princess snatched the ball from the frog and ran back to the palace, ignoring the frog's protests. 

My index finger featured a well, followed by the frog, and the princess kissing, and finally the castle where the princess came from. 

Dinner came, and the princess descended to the giant dining room for her meal. She had long forgotten about the incident in the day, for she thought it of no consequence. When she settled down in her gold chair, there was a familiar voice. 
"Princess, please help me up so I could have dinner with you!" 
The princess was so shocked she dropped her silver fork on the floor. When she looked down, she saw the same frog from the afternoon. She was so angry and outraged at the frog that she wanted to kick the frog out of the room. Unfortunately, her father, the King, interfered. 
"What is the commotion all about?" He asked, and the princess had no choice but to relate her tale to the king. "You are a princess," The king said, after listening to the tale. "You must keep your promise."

This is my initial design for the nail. There are plenty of details on this paper, and I have made a lot of changes to the actual design on the nail. I guess I got carried away drawing (I do love drawing!) and my nails are too small to feature all my details. Someday I am going to buy a canvas so I can paint to my heart's content. 
The princess lay in bed sobbing quietly at night. The frog had ruined her dinner by gulping down all her food in the plate, leaving her with nothing to eat. She was hungry, but the dark look on her father's face stopped her from complaining. She had never seen her father so upset before. 
"Princess, may I sleep in your bed tonight?" The frog asked from the doorway. 
"No!" She snapped at it angrily. 
The frog leaped into the room and onto the bed. He lay a cold webbed hand to her face. "Do not cry Princess. I will leave you if you grant me a kiss." 

One more picture of this magical mani! I always wonder about the story about the Princess and the Frog. It always seemed a little bit shallow to me. After all, the princess fell in love after the frog transformed into a prince. And who doesn't love a prince? 

A kiss! the princess exclaimed internally. She wanted to snort at the ridiculousness of it but stopped herself. She stared at the frog, who looked rather sincere at that. For once, she felt ashamed of herself. The frog had been helpful to her but she had done nothing but begrudge it her gratitude. Very well, she thought, a kiss it shall be. 
To her surprise, when her lips touched the cold skin of the frog, there was a sudden bright light that surrounded the frog. She covered her eyes and when she finally opened her eyes, the frog had disappeared. In its place stood a tall and handsome prince.
"My lovely princess, you have rescued me from an evil curse. I shall forever be in your debt." The prince said with a gracefully executed bow.
A year later, a huge wedding was held in the kingdom. The prince married the princess and they, of course, lived happily ever after! 

This is my nail art design. I have included the link to the contest here, so you can participate in the competition as well. You can also view the entries from other participants there. Wish me luck!