Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swatch: A England Tristam

Still remember that I bought A England Tristam a while ago? This is the swatch for it. What with doing other designs and such, I put off this swatch until now. 

A England as usual, has an awesome formula that is opaque in one coat. What's more, there is no pooling and no cleaning up if you are careful! I painted two coats here although I am a three-coater. But if you want to see an example of a one-coater I did once, you can view my swatch for A England Dragon here

I love this color! It is an awesome blue. There appear no other words to describe it but it is just blue, not like turquoise green, reddish purple.. It is just an 'unpolluted blue'. And I love it that way. It is holographic as well, but I didn't have a chance to capture it because I painted my designs over it. 

If you haven't bought this, what are you waiting for? A England are sold at SgNails and MeiMei'sSignature.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Leopard Prints

I have been experimenting with designs and looking for more inspirations for nail art that screams 'SUMMER!!!' I went back to my trusty leopard prints for this, and threw in some yellow and orange because they are bright and cheerful. I am loving the index-middle finger accent because my nails are bigger and broader there so I could draw my designs better than a middle-ring finger accent. 

Polishes used: OPI In My Back Pocket, CG Lemon Fizz, Michelle A13, CG Midnight Mission

I am wearing my nails longer now and only changing on the fourth day so my posts are posted slower but the designs are getting better! I am looking forward to posting all designs related to summer! ^^ 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swatch: Essence Time For Romance

I thought I'll make it clear first: CURRENTLY HATING THIS POLISH.

This polish is such a pain to apply. It does look nice, with silver glitters suspended in dark red/maroon jelly, but it is just so hard to put on the nails! What you see is 3 coats, and much swearing and plenty of dabbing.

I put off this swatch because I had tried it once when I got it and I realize it was hard to apply. Plus it does not look extraordinary so I simply let it stew in a corner. Now, it shall go back to the dark corner... and repent...

The problem is in the jelly, I think. There is simply too much jelly that when I tried to paint it, the brush will brush off the previous coat together with the glitter, leaving behind bare spots. Of which I then have to dab carefully to fill it in. 

As I said, this is a pretty polish, but perhaps not worth the effort applying it. I shudder to think about the drying time. 

Have you seen the new Essence Circus Circus collection? I could not get the gold and black one.. What a pity. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Stamping: First Mate VS Tristam

Wanted to do another blue stamping mani so I scanned through my collection of plates and decided upon M65 from BornPretty. I have seen some successful stamping with A England Tristam so I tried it. Wasn't every successful so I switched over to China Glaze First Mate halfway. 

Can you tell which ones are stamped with Tristam and which ones First Mate?

First Mate: Index Finger and Pinkie
Tristam: Middle and Ring Fingers
This is done with Essie Borrowed and Blue for base.

Other than some minute differences, you cannot tell them apart. Under scrutiny, you can see that First Mate is a better stamp since it is more dense and you can also see some holo from Tristam. I am loving this mani regardless! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gradient Nails: Aquadelic + MichelleA57

Another awesome gradient! Ever since I read the instructions on The Nailasaurus, doing gradient nails have been a breeze! Plus it is also such an easy way to jazz up your nails. The clean up still takes twice as long though. But the end result rocks! 

I have here a pink and blue-green combination. MichelleA57 and China Glaze Aquadelic. I have yet to swatch Aquadelic because there are so many pretties in my box of untrieds! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Competition: Flora

I am going to take part in another competition held by Kayla Shevonne who is celebrating her blog's 1 million pageviews! Congratulations to her!! 

This is probably not a very inspiring design.. but I thought participating in it would be good practice! Plus I have a new flora pattern this time! On my middle and ring finger, I have what I called: many-petal flower. Lol. As opposed to the classic five-petal flower. 

Polishes used: Michelle 80 (Base), Elianto 10 and 35 for the flowers, and China Glaze Aquadelic for the abstract leaves. 

This is all done with the dotting tool! They should make it a law that all nail art enthusiasts should have one! It is simply too handy! And you can create all kind of designs easily! 

I actually wanted to design something else but I got lazy, which really does not speak well of me winning the competition. Still, the theme stumped me. I can't think of funky flora designs. 

If you are interested in this competition, you can view the details here. It ends on 25th May though, so hurry if you are participating! 

Inspired: Dotty Nails

I was scouting for inspiration through the many nail blogs that I followed for summer nail art when I saw this design on Nailed It. It is a collection of big and small dots that formed a line across the nail. It looks pretty and easy to do so I thought I would try it. Instead of doing a set of purple nails, I decided on more summery colors and finally got the set of nails below. 

Polishes used: China Glaze Aquadelic, Michelle 80, Michelle A57, Michelle B46, Michelle B56

This will certainly be a useful design for those who are just beginners in using the dotting tool! You can get some practice in! 

In the meantime, I am off to explore more summer nail art! 

Giveaway on The TracefacePhiles!


I have got a Giveaway this morning! This one is by The TraceFacePhiles and she is going to be giving away Butter London polishes! Yes, you heard me right! There will be 6 winners and they will either win a set of Top coat and Base coat, or one of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection!

What are you waiting for? Head over there now!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink Frosting Cupcakes!

My friend came over to my house to have a manicure today. She wanted a stamping design but she needed to rush off so we settled on pink cupcakes instead! Don't these look tasty? 

Polish used: Essie Hotspot, Michelle 80, OPI Pink Friday, China Glaze Lemon Fizz. 

I realize I have been recommending Seche Vite Top Coat to everyone I know. They should really employ me as their advertiser! Look how the cupcakes gleamed! Unfortunately, I cannot afford to use Seche Vite for all my swatches and all my nail art since I am changing my polish  frequently, so not all my manis gleamed. Hehe.

I have decided to sponge off the cost of nail polish by helping people do nail art. Mind you, I am not 100% perfect, but I am always willing to try out new things! I did the above set for $10. Hopefully, I can earn some extra cash while I am at it! ^^

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Color: Golden Rose Summer Coral

Was in Watsons when I saw this beauty! A perfect coral for summer! It has been unbearably hot recently, and I went through my stash trying to find a summer color but other than Orange and Yellow, I actually have few colors that remind me of the hot weather! 

This is Golden Rose Fantastic Color Nail Lacquer. It does not have a name, nor a number, so I shall name it Summer Coral. I think I got it for $2.40. This is three coats, but two are sufficient. It applied like a breeze too. 

I shall leave you with plenty of pictures! ^^

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jelly Sandwich with Ibiza Mix

I'm heading to the beach later!! So I won't talk much here. I wanted to try out a Jelly Sandwich with Ibiza Mix so here it is!

This is done with OPI Dating a Royal. Dating a Royal might just be my new favorite blue jelly! It is just soooo blue. Haha. 2 coats of Dating a Royal, 1 coat of Models Own Ibiza Mix, 1 coat of Dating a Royal again, and 1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust. This mani is AWESOME! My best jelly sandwich yet!

You can see the glitters from Ibiza Mix better below.

I took a lot of pics so I posted them all here! Enjoy your Saturdays!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Orly It's Up To Blue!

So, I went to do my first classic mani/pedi yesterday! I bought a groupon with my friend a couple of month ago and only have time to do it after the exams. Now my feet and hands feel so refreshed, if they are capable of feeling so. I have yet to try out any Orly polishes, so I thought I could pick out an Orly color. 

This is Orly It's Up To Blue! This is two coats and it is beautiful! 

One interesting thing about this polish is that it shows up mainly green, not blue. Which is kind of funny, because the name and the polish do not fit. 

The manicurist did not put on a top coat for me, and even though it was dry, I woke up in the morning a smudge on my middle finger! What a shame! 

I thought I will show swatches of this color on this blog anyway, even though it is smudged. This color suits my skin tone a lot. And I like how the light reflects off the polish! I seem to have tiny light sabers on my nails! 

Giveaway on The TraceFacePhiles!

Hi gals!

I've got another giveaway for you to participate! This one is held by The TraceFacePhiles and she is giving away 4 Exclusive Candeo Colors Prototype! The glitters in the polishes are already making me swoon! ^^

You can view more details here, as well as pictures of the beautiful polishes!

Good Luck!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giveaway on The Hungry Asian

The Hungry Asian is giving away awesome prizes to celebrate her 3-yr blog anniversary! You might remember her from her famous polish, Sneeze Breeze! I am considering buying the minis on her blog... but I have imposing a ban on big polish hauls. =( She is giving away a couple of her own frankens as well as other polishes.. and get this: there are THREE prizes to be won. I don't know about you, but I sure aren't hesitating! 

You can check out this giveaway here

Nail Art Competition: What's Cookin'?

Double Double Toil and Trouble... It is time for another nail art Competition!!

I found two nail art competitions that I wanted to, and could participate in. This one is held by Copy That, CopyCat, and the topic is What's Cookin'? She held this competition in order to celebrate her blog's first birthday so I thought I should draw some party food instead. I actually make a list of food that I wanted to paint, but I changed my mind at the last minute because I thought it might be good to draw something different. 

So I drew something that resembles a witch's kitchen. ^^ 

I used OPI Skull and Glossbones for the background. Initially wanted to use an emerald green, but I thought it would not contrast against the objects I am going to draw on the nails. Besides, Skull and Glossbones sounds perfect for the them, right? >.<

On my index finger, I drew fingers with Michelle A17, the nails with OPI Get on the Expresso Lane. I mixed Michelle and OPI to get the shade for the outline of the nails. It kinda looks strange to see fingers on my fingers. LOL. 
For my middle finger, I drew a cauldron with OPI Get on the Expresso Lane and filled in the contents of the cauldron with Bioop H187. Next I painted fire with  Rainbow 11, OPI In my back Pocket, and Michelle B46. I love the cauldron the most!
On my Ring Finger, I painted eyeballs since they are ingredients for the witch's potion too. This is done with China Glaze Liquid Leather and Michelle 80. 
Lastly, for my pinky, I drew a mouse with OPI Get on the Expresso Lane and Michelle A46. I dotted Liquid Leather for the eye but it's quite invisible. 

I love this mani!! I enjoy going with a theme because I like how it challenges me to think of more interesting designs! I think I am going to do the birthday party one as well. It'll be good practice for me. And I have another competition design coming up soon!  

If you are interested in participating, you can view the details here. Enjoy your day! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How I keep my Nail Art Tools

Hey girls,

This is going to be boring 'non-fiction' nail post. My aunt just made this super beautiful box for me to put all my nail art tools and polishes so I thought I might feature it here. I don't know how my aunt makes it, but she is really good at making boxes! I already had one for my jewelery and my hair accessories.

I'm going to photo spam here alright?

It is really huge, bigger than an A4 size so I could dump all my untrieds and brushes, nail art pens in there. 

The box below is hastily and carelessly wrapped by me. I bought two wrapping papers and wrapped my old shoebox up so that I could contain more nail art stuff in. They were hanging out in my room unsightly so I have to put them somewhere. This box contains my rhinestones, fimo canes, extra cuticle sticks, packaging and so on. 

That is about it. I am not a very neat person so I like to have many containers, cabinet and drawers to keep all my belongings in. How do you keep your nail art tools? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swatch: China Glaze Liquid Prism

Bought this polish while I was going to get For Audrey (In the end I did not, since I realize, upon comparison, that For Audrey is a shade between Refresh Mint and Aquadelic). Among the Prismatic Series by China Glaze, this particular polish caught my eye since it is blue and blue is my favorite color! 

Liquid Prism has a TON of glitters in a gazillion colors and holo glitters as well. It just shifts and shines in many many ways that is so hard to put in words. It is also easy to paint on nails, though the removal is a pain, as are all glitters. Aluminium type removal method is preferable in this case. 

It is even so glowy and shiny in shade!

A couple of things you must TAKE NOTE for Liquid Prism:
1) For full coverage, 2 coats is enough but 3 coats give you more glitter and they look less sparse. (I know right, the entire bottle is made up of glitters, but I swear, the glitters for 2 coats look sparse!)
2) I put on a coat of Seche Vite but the polish is still gritty, so it is better to put on 2 coats of Top Coat for this hungry polish!
3) This is amazing, and I only realized it when I was staring at my nails, but they are purple in certain light! It is just purple! I have no pics for it, and I don't really know how that happens because the polish only has a couple of purple glitters, as well as other colors, so how can they turn purple?? 

Conclusion: A nice polish, but oh-so distracting. This is definitely not a polish I would recommend to wear to the examination! You might end up spending your time staring and admiring at your nails instead of writing down your answers!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Giveaway on A Polish Addiction!

First of all, A BIG HOORAY FOR ME!!!! (Haha.. that seems a bit self-centered!) I have finally finished with my exams! I am so glad that it ended and I have more time to devote to things that I really enjoy doing, like polishing my nails and reading. Of course, I need to find a job too but no matter what, it is the Holidays!! 

I participated in the Giveaway by A Polish Addiction today. She is marking her 650th followers with this awesome giveaway. 

The giveaway includes: Jo Malone Vitamin E Treatment, Nails Inc Jubilee Crystal Color nail polish and Models Own Ibiza Mix! Sounds incredibly awesome already!

If you are interested, you can view the giveaway here

Have fun and Good Luck!

Jelly Sandwich: OPI Pinking of You + LA Girl Celebrate

This is another jelly sandwich. I am still playing around with the 'depth' thing but so far, this has been quite a easy nail art to do. Especially so if you are about to rush out and cannot afford the time with niggling little details, this will be your life-saver. Just 2 coats of base polish, 1 coat of glitter, and 1 coat of base polish again, top off with a fast dry top coat and you are done! Isn't it wonderful?? ^^

As per the title, this is done with OPI Pinking of You and LA Girl Celebrate.

LA Girl was my owly bottle of color glitter because I did not see any point in buying more glitters when I don't use them. I do more nail art and use creme polishes instead of glitters or shimmers or flakes. And then I got my glitters from Models Own. 

As usual, glitters are a pain to remove. I kept stealing my mum's aluminium foil but I did not think she noticed. Or rather, she had not yell at me yet. Lol. Pinking of You is actually a soft pink shade that look rather nice on my nails. I do so like looking at my nails though. The glitters are still there, but they look more muted and subtle. Maybe this could be an office-wear?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Laced Nudes

Note: This post is scheduled today, the second last day of my exam period! Which means to say: I AM FREE FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS!! *Jumps around wildly*

Today's Design: Laced Nudes!

This is another design that features one of the stamping design from M57, the lace. I have mostly used the animal prints on that plate because this particular design takes more skill than the animal prints. As it is, you can see that the lines on my index finger is slightly... messed up. Sigh. 

I love this design a lot! Initially I wanted to stamp an extra pattern over it, the lace pattern on M71, but I just could not get the pattern out properly, so I gave up on it. I am going to try again, because nail art is all about experimentation and never giving up! (Which brings to mind that I am going to tackle Water-Marbling after the exams! I am so excited about it!!)

I have to cut my nails so that they could fit into the standard size of the stamp. Otherwise it is really hard to do double-stamping. I liked my nails shorter anyway. I would have gone for shorter nubs like ChalkBoardNails but I think I would be unable to pull it off. 

I am really happy with the pics! Haha. Sometimes I could take awesome ones, sometimes they just sucks.

I used Essie Topless and Barefoot and China Glaze Liquid Leather for this. I used to be very fond of nude polish but I have not had time to wear nudes when there are a ton of colors that I have yet swatch or do a design on. I actually feel apologetic about it. I am going to try to feature a color for several designs and then move on to another color. What do you think of it? It will be sort of like my Red Collection, except I have yet to finish that because my schedule have been all messed up and rushed. 

I love my polishes too much to see them sitting around unused..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sponging with Contrasting Colors!

I decided to do another sponging after reading all the different techniques online. I did a Colorful Zebra mani using another sponging technique but this time I paint my polish into the sponge. It has wonderful coverage, contrary to my belief that it would not cover well. 

So I took a look at all the colors I have in my stash and ponder about what colors I should use. Lol. I saw many designs with the same colors, like pink and light pink, dark blue and light blue. Probably the few interesting combinations that I am intrigued are from Nailasaurus. So I pick the contrasting colors, blue and orange. 

Isn't it nice?? I am quite proud of myself. Heh. This is China Glaze First Mate and OPI In My Back Pocket. I have grown to like orange recently. It is just so bright and cheerful. Lol. 

I painted a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust over it too. It makes the whole mani very sparkly and shiny. 

That is about it. This is a rather simple post so I don't really have much to expand about. The clean up after the sponging is a chore, but the end result is pretty much awesome so that cancels out the negativity. I really want to try this again, with another combination. How about purple and yellow? 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Stones on Turquoise

I haven't used my Essie Set In Stones for a very long time. I used it last here with my rabbit mani. This time I'm still uninspired what with all the homework and revising for exams so I decided to jazz up my plain nails with some glitters. It is really a fail-proof way of spicing up your nails. 

This is Essie Turquoise and Caicos with Essie Set In Stones.

Did I mention the glitters from Set In Stones is so reflective that it reflects light? Yes, you read that correctly. I can actually see light being reflected off it when I lined the nails on a piece of paper. How awesome is that???

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swatch: Models Own Disco Mix

I put this on early this morning and I am very frustrated now. Nope, the polish is good, pretty and sparkling even, but is it so frustrating not to be able to capture its beauty! What you see below are actually after 3 hours of playing hide and seek with the light. Maybe I should keep all my photographing to the afternoon? 

This is one of the few proper pictures I have. The rest are bleag. Somehow the morning light washes out all the colors and make my camera spasm. Sigh. 

But if you are not going to photograph all your nails exploits (Good for you!), this is a very beautiful polish. What you see below is 3 coats, but it is fully opaque in 2 coats. I do let the polish gather in a huge bead on the brush before putting it on my nail. This ensures that the glitters spread more evenly on the nail. Make sure that you don't go over the same part twice because you'll be wiping off the glitters with your brush. This happens to me so I have to resort to 'dabbing' the glitters to hide the empty spots. 

It looks super shiny when it is done. Plus because of all the glitters, especially when it is dense like this, it dries fast too. This needs two coats of topcoat to smooth out all the gritty glitter. 

The coloring in the next pic looks really weird. I have no idea why. And it is getting really dark outside my window. Gosh, taking a good picture is getting harder and harder nowadays, no?

Truthfully, I got this particular polish because I thought it look like Nail-venturous Floam. When I showed my bf the picture of Floam, he just stared and said, "Ew. The purple and blue one is nicer," Floam is really hard to get, but apparently Polish Alley got them recently at $18 per bottle here. (They are all reserved now.) I do prefer Disco Mix because it looks so eye-catching on the nails!  When I got the bottle I was regretting not getting the Top Turquoise instead (I have a particular weakness for Turquoise) and my budget just didn't allow me to get both. I actually have to pretty beg my bf to buy this and Ibiza Mix for me. -.- But it really looks beautiful. Somehow, all the tiny blue and purple glitters got together and make a miracle on my nails. 

I have also included a picture of Disco Mix on a nail plate. The one the the right is 3 coats of Disco Mix, followed by 2 coats, and 1 coat. As you can see, it is not really for layering since you may accidentally cover up your base color if you gather a bit too many glitter on your brush. 

The application was okay, as per all glitters. Foil removal method is definitely recommended here. Make sure you wash your hands before switching to another polish because there will be leftover glitters around your cuticles. 

I got my bottle of Models Own from SgNails so if you want to get this polish or any other colors you can check it out there. 

I am not going to paint any glitters for a while. While it looks really pretty, I am still taking off all the glitters after a day or two at most, so it means plenty of aluminium foil been used.. I am going to focus on my pet project: making a dupe for OPI Fiercely Fiona. Apparently it is discontinued and I really want the color. I have nothing to compare so I'm just going to create a yellow with a hint of green. My main problem is deciding how green a hint is.