Monday, May 7, 2012

BornPretty: Image Plates and Stamp

About a month ago, my BornPretty order finally came through! It was mailed almost 5 weeks ago and I finally got it in my mail. I am so exhilarated because I thought it was lost since it normally takes about 1 week to reach, but somehow, this took more than a month. But I am too happy about receiving it at last that I won't make a fuss about the slow delivery time. 

This is what I ordered: 16 image plates and 1 double-sided stamp with scraper. The plates cost $18.48 and the stamp cost $3.03. It is about S$25 altogether.

The image plates (numbered in Konad system) included: 
m56, m59, m60, m61, m64, m65, m66, m69, m71, m73, m74, m75, m76, m77, m78, m79

This is the stamp! I'm going to use the smaller side one to pick up smaller details. The big one is a bit cumbersome at that.

I got this wonderful idea for storing the image plates! The name card holder is a nice size that suit the plates. I got mine at popular for only S$1.05!

You can check out the store here. You can also view the stamp here and the plates here

*Edited: I tested out the plates and they are of good quality! I love the smaller side of the stamp too, but unfortunately the bigger side got squashed in after I stamped with it a few times. Now it is all flat instead of having a roundness to it. Stamping with the large side is now impossible. I supposed I could email BornPretty to complain but the thought of the time that it would get for my plates to reach my house is daunting. 

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