Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Competition: Flora

I am going to take part in another competition held by Kayla Shevonne who is celebrating her blog's 1 million pageviews! Congratulations to her!! 

This is probably not a very inspiring design.. but I thought participating in it would be good practice! Plus I have a new flora pattern this time! On my middle and ring finger, I have what I called: many-petal flower. Lol. As opposed to the classic five-petal flower. 

Polishes used: Michelle 80 (Base), Elianto 10 and 35 for the flowers, and China Glaze Aquadelic for the abstract leaves. 

This is all done with the dotting tool! They should make it a law that all nail art enthusiasts should have one! It is simply too handy! And you can create all kind of designs easily! 

I actually wanted to design something else but I got lazy, which really does not speak well of me winning the competition. Still, the theme stumped me. I can't think of funky flora designs. 

If you are interested in this competition, you can view the details here. It ends on 25th May though, so hurry if you are participating! 

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