Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flowers Design + Announcement!

Hey gals, 

First things first, although I love A England Dragon, which is the last thing I had on, and which I had stamped over, my nails are literally screaming 'NAIL ART PLEASE!!!'. And you know how I am a slave to my nails.. so after trying to accommodate their demands by stamping over A England (Pictures in another post!) to no avail, I took them off and did a Flower Design! 

It is not super cute? I took these pictures not half an hour ago, before I put on SV Top coat. I did not want to smudge it when they are so pretty. I took a leaf out of SimplyRins' book and did a flower mani. I did not do flowers well in the past, because somehow, they appear wonky. The trick is in the placement of dots. 

I used OPI Get In The Expresso Lane for the background. I do not wear this color much because I do not wear dark colors well. For the flowers, I used OPI Charged Up Cherry and OPI In My Back Pocket, and OPI Alpine Snow for the middle. Then I filled up the space with OPI Panda-monium Pink. I did this all with my trusty dotting tool. It costs $7.90 which I know is over-priced but I got such good use from them that I feel it was worth it.

Now for my announcement. I am going to put up Google Friend Connect! I had this blog for 4 months already and I do not know why I did not put it up since the beginning. I was probably not sure if anyone would bother looking at my blog or even follow it. But I thought it might be good to put it up, even if I have zero followers. I do appreciate all kinds of support I can get! Here's a big THANK YOU from me in advance! 

Thanks for reading! ^^

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