Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How I keep my Nail Art Tools

Hey girls,

This is going to be boring 'non-fiction' nail post. My aunt just made this super beautiful box for me to put all my nail art tools and polishes so I thought I might feature it here. I don't know how my aunt makes it, but she is really good at making boxes! I already had one for my jewelery and my hair accessories.

I'm going to photo spam here alright?

It is really huge, bigger than an A4 size so I could dump all my untrieds and brushes, nail art pens in there. 

The box below is hastily and carelessly wrapped by me. I bought two wrapping papers and wrapped my old shoebox up so that I could contain more nail art stuff in. They were hanging out in my room unsightly so I have to put them somewhere. This box contains my rhinestones, fimo canes, extra cuticle sticks, packaging and so on. 

That is about it. I am not a very neat person so I like to have many containers, cabinet and drawers to keep all my belongings in. How do you keep your nail art tools? 


  1. This is really pretty! I'm currently using Lush hatboxes for my polishes and bits and pieces, once I get a Helmer they'll be used for accessories mainly xo

  2. Thanks! I wish I could get a Helmer too, but my room just does not have the space. Hope you get your Helmer soon! ^^