Monday, May 14, 2012

Jelly Sandwich: OPI Pinking of You + LA Girl Celebrate

This is another jelly sandwich. I am still playing around with the 'depth' thing but so far, this has been quite a easy nail art to do. Especially so if you are about to rush out and cannot afford the time with niggling little details, this will be your life-saver. Just 2 coats of base polish, 1 coat of glitter, and 1 coat of base polish again, top off with a fast dry top coat and you are done! Isn't it wonderful?? ^^

As per the title, this is done with OPI Pinking of You and LA Girl Celebrate.

LA Girl was my owly bottle of color glitter because I did not see any point in buying more glitters when I don't use them. I do more nail art and use creme polishes instead of glitters or shimmers or flakes. And then I got my glitters from Models Own. 

As usual, glitters are a pain to remove. I kept stealing my mum's aluminium foil but I did not think she noticed. Or rather, she had not yell at me yet. Lol. Pinking of You is actually a soft pink shade that look rather nice on my nails. I do so like looking at my nails though. The glitters are still there, but they look more muted and subtle. Maybe this could be an office-wear?

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