Sunday, May 13, 2012

Laced Nudes

Note: This post is scheduled today, the second last day of my exam period! Which means to say: I AM FREE FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS!! *Jumps around wildly*

Today's Design: Laced Nudes!

This is another design that features one of the stamping design from M57, the lace. I have mostly used the animal prints on that plate because this particular design takes more skill than the animal prints. As it is, you can see that the lines on my index finger is slightly... messed up. Sigh. 

I love this design a lot! Initially I wanted to stamp an extra pattern over it, the lace pattern on M71, but I just could not get the pattern out properly, so I gave up on it. I am going to try again, because nail art is all about experimentation and never giving up! (Which brings to mind that I am going to tackle Water-Marbling after the exams! I am so excited about it!!)

I have to cut my nails so that they could fit into the standard size of the stamp. Otherwise it is really hard to do double-stamping. I liked my nails shorter anyway. I would have gone for shorter nubs like ChalkBoardNails but I think I would be unable to pull it off. 

I am really happy with the pics! Haha. Sometimes I could take awesome ones, sometimes they just sucks.

I used Essie Topless and Barefoot and China Glaze Liquid Leather for this. I used to be very fond of nude polish but I have not had time to wear nudes when there are a ton of colors that I have yet swatch or do a design on. I actually feel apologetic about it. I am going to try to feature a color for several designs and then move on to another color. What do you think of it? It will be sort of like my Red Collection, except I have yet to finish that because my schedule have been all messed up and rushed. 

I love my polishes too much to see them sitting around unused..

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