Friday, May 18, 2012

Orly It's Up To Blue!

So, I went to do my first classic mani/pedi yesterday! I bought a groupon with my friend a couple of month ago and only have time to do it after the exams. Now my feet and hands feel so refreshed, if they are capable of feeling so. I have yet to try out any Orly polishes, so I thought I could pick out an Orly color. 

This is Orly It's Up To Blue! This is two coats and it is beautiful! 

One interesting thing about this polish is that it shows up mainly green, not blue. Which is kind of funny, because the name and the polish do not fit. 

The manicurist did not put on a top coat for me, and even though it was dry, I woke up in the morning a smudge on my middle finger! What a shame! 

I thought I will show swatches of this color on this blog anyway, even though it is smudged. This color suits my skin tone a lot. And I like how the light reflects off the polish! I seem to have tiny light sabers on my nails! 

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