Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Red: Polishes

Hey gals,

I am doing a few posts on the color red because I am personally very divided on the color. It is a color of passion and love, yet not many people would wear it because it is a bold and striking color. I have 4 red polishes in my stash and it is a considerable number, considering that I NEVER wear red if I can help it. I got my first Rainbow red because my bf wanted them on my nails. I am more willing to wear bright yellow than red, actually. 

These are the only reds I have in my stash. OPI Big Hair.. Big Nails, Essie Hot Spot, Rainbow 11, Paris Lacquer with no number (I shall call this Paris Lacquer Red). Below are the swatch. You can see that they are similar but not entirely the same. 

OPI Big Hair... Big Nails is a jelly that is sheer, so I am always troubling over the Visible Nail Line (VNL). It's an awesome color though, and very bright. I painted 4 coats of this because I always try to cover the VNL which I know logically that it's not possible. 3, or even 2 coats will suffice for this nice polish. 

Essie Hotspot is a creme coral red that I bought accidentally. I use the term accidentally because I wanted a coral polish but when I painted it, it looks more like red than orange. I was quite taken aback, but I have decided that it looks beautiful too. You can go back to the pic on the four polishes and compare between the reds and you will know why I am tricked. Oh well. Hotspot is a nice polish. Three coats to smooth everything out. 

Rainbow 11 is a common enough brand that you find in Aries in Singapore, and selling at $2. I always like that brand because it is cheap, and there are plenty of lookalikes to those expensive brands, and the glitters are so... awesome. If you are looking for colors to try out and don't want to try expensive brands like OPI, then Rainbow is the brand to go. Though my friend told me that the polish causes nails to turn yellow easily. I have not confirmed that myself. This polish is just what it is, red. And what a beautiful blood red it is. Two coats for this polish is enough. 

Paris Lacquer Red is a deep red that I bought on a whim at Watsons. I had been looking for a deep red, but I could not find anything that I like until I caught sight of this polish. Before I know it, I had paid for it. This is a nice polish. 2-3 coats for this. 

Do you have any red polishes that is good? What do you think of red polishes? 

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