Friday, May 25, 2012

Stamping: First Mate VS Tristam

Wanted to do another blue stamping mani so I scanned through my collection of plates and decided upon M65 from BornPretty. I have seen some successful stamping with A England Tristam so I tried it. Wasn't every successful so I switched over to China Glaze First Mate halfway. 

Can you tell which ones are stamped with Tristam and which ones First Mate?

First Mate: Index Finger and Pinkie
Tristam: Middle and Ring Fingers
This is done with Essie Borrowed and Blue for base.

Other than some minute differences, you cannot tell them apart. Under scrutiny, you can see that First Mate is a better stamp since it is more dense and you can also see some holo from Tristam. I am loving this mani regardless! 

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