Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Color: Golden Rose Summer Coral

Was in Watsons when I saw this beauty! A perfect coral for summer! It has been unbearably hot recently, and I went through my stash trying to find a summer color but other than Orange and Yellow, I actually have few colors that remind me of the hot weather! 

This is Golden Rose Fantastic Color Nail Lacquer. It does not have a name, nor a number, so I shall name it Summer Coral. I think I got it for $2.40. This is three coats, but two are sufficient. It applied like a breeze too. 

I shall leave you with plenty of pictures! ^^


  1. love it, but are you sure there is no number? because on the golden rose nail polishes i have there is a number on the back.
    please could you check? cause I'm in love with this one :)

    1. There isn't any! Mine only have the barcode and barcode number and a 'GR Fantastic Nail Lacquer' on it.

      Sorry for the ultra late reply!