Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swatch: China Glaze Liquid Prism

Bought this polish while I was going to get For Audrey (In the end I did not, since I realize, upon comparison, that For Audrey is a shade between Refresh Mint and Aquadelic). Among the Prismatic Series by China Glaze, this particular polish caught my eye since it is blue and blue is my favorite color! 

Liquid Prism has a TON of glitters in a gazillion colors and holo glitters as well. It just shifts and shines in many many ways that is so hard to put in words. It is also easy to paint on nails, though the removal is a pain, as are all glitters. Aluminium type removal method is preferable in this case. 

It is even so glowy and shiny in shade!

A couple of things you must TAKE NOTE for Liquid Prism:
1) For full coverage, 2 coats is enough but 3 coats give you more glitter and they look less sparse. (I know right, the entire bottle is made up of glitters, but I swear, the glitters for 2 coats look sparse!)
2) I put on a coat of Seche Vite but the polish is still gritty, so it is better to put on 2 coats of Top Coat for this hungry polish!
3) This is amazing, and I only realized it when I was staring at my nails, but they are purple in certain light! It is just purple! I have no pics for it, and I don't really know how that happens because the polish only has a couple of purple glitters, as well as other colors, so how can they turn purple?? 

Conclusion: A nice polish, but oh-so distracting. This is definitely not a polish I would recommend to wear to the examination! You might end up spending your time staring and admiring at your nails instead of writing down your answers!

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