Saturday, May 5, 2012

Swatch: A England Dragon - Speechless!!

At last! A England Dragon Swatch!!

I am able to do a swatch on A England Dragon but guess what happens? Clouds! Mainly it is a cloudy day and I am unable to take pictures of the holo effect of this polish! I have heard so much about the holographic that I thought it is an absolute must-show here! This polish is rather camera-shy and refused to be photographed properly! 


This polish is perrrrrfect! And I mean it in every way. The application was so smooth that it is better than OPI. I am surprised when I started on my pinkie, and by the time I reached my thumb, my heart was pumping so hard against my ribs. I wanted to jump up and down in joy! It is just not everyday you find a polish that is as good as this. It made me feel like singing just by painting it! And guess what, the pictures below are all a one-coater! Yes, it is opaque in just ONE COAT!! If there are too many exclamation marks in this paragraph, it's because this polish requires it! I totally see the allure of the polish now! I love it I love it I love it and I want to shout it from the top of my flat!! 

Finally! A proper picture in the sun! If you look hard, you can see the holo. Of course, it's more obvious in reality. You can see the holo more clearly in the pics below.

This pic above is a slightly blurred out pic so that you can see the holo better. It is really amazing. Haha. I'm gushing over it. This is one of the polish you need to see it for yourself! 

This last pic is more accurate if you are the kind who stayed at home and hide the pretty sight of your polished fingers away from prying eyes. Other than in direct sunlight, the holo in the nails looks more like silver shimmer. 

I got Dragon from Meimei's Signatures @ $18. I got this after 3 working days. I said 3 working days because it is actually 1 weekend and 1 public holiday! Stupid me, I'm always ordering at the end of the week where I would have to wait until the week to began before the postman makes his rounds. I will be much happier if the postman works 24/7! Haha!

I have also gotten Tristam and will swatch it soon! Tristam is also a holo and Princess Tears, Ascalon, Princess of the Lake, Princess Sabra, St Gabriel are all holos from A England too! You can see a list of A England polishes here. I had also done a review on Iseult that I got from SgNails. I know right? So many places to buy it! And seriously, if you visit their sites, there are a million polishes I am eyeing. *Poor wallet*

 I am getting a huge influx of polish and I apologize for not doing much nail art. I actually miss decorating my nails with complicated designs. >.<

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