Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swatch: Models Own Disco Mix

I put this on early this morning and I am very frustrated now. Nope, the polish is good, pretty and sparkling even, but is it so frustrating not to be able to capture its beauty! What you see below are actually after 3 hours of playing hide and seek with the light. Maybe I should keep all my photographing to the afternoon? 

This is one of the few proper pictures I have. The rest are bleag. Somehow the morning light washes out all the colors and make my camera spasm. Sigh. 

But if you are not going to photograph all your nails exploits (Good for you!), this is a very beautiful polish. What you see below is 3 coats, but it is fully opaque in 2 coats. I do let the polish gather in a huge bead on the brush before putting it on my nail. This ensures that the glitters spread more evenly on the nail. Make sure that you don't go over the same part twice because you'll be wiping off the glitters with your brush. This happens to me so I have to resort to 'dabbing' the glitters to hide the empty spots. 

It looks super shiny when it is done. Plus because of all the glitters, especially when it is dense like this, it dries fast too. This needs two coats of topcoat to smooth out all the gritty glitter. 

The coloring in the next pic looks really weird. I have no idea why. And it is getting really dark outside my window. Gosh, taking a good picture is getting harder and harder nowadays, no?

Truthfully, I got this particular polish because I thought it look like Nail-venturous Floam. When I showed my bf the picture of Floam, he just stared and said, "Ew. The purple and blue one is nicer," Floam is really hard to get, but apparently Polish Alley got them recently at $18 per bottle here. (They are all reserved now.) I do prefer Disco Mix because it looks so eye-catching on the nails!  When I got the bottle I was regretting not getting the Top Turquoise instead (I have a particular weakness for Turquoise) and my budget just didn't allow me to get both. I actually have to pretty beg my bf to buy this and Ibiza Mix for me. -.- But it really looks beautiful. Somehow, all the tiny blue and purple glitters got together and make a miracle on my nails. 

I have also included a picture of Disco Mix on a nail plate. The one the the right is 3 coats of Disco Mix, followed by 2 coats, and 1 coat. As you can see, it is not really for layering since you may accidentally cover up your base color if you gather a bit too many glitter on your brush. 

The application was okay, as per all glitters. Foil removal method is definitely recommended here. Make sure you wash your hands before switching to another polish because there will be leftover glitters around your cuticles. 

I got my bottle of Models Own from SgNails so if you want to get this polish or any other colors you can check it out there. 

I am not going to paint any glitters for a while. While it looks really pretty, I am still taking off all the glitters after a day or two at most, so it means plenty of aluminium foil been used.. I am going to focus on my pet project: making a dupe for OPI Fiercely Fiona. Apparently it is discontinued and I really want the color. I have nothing to compare so I'm just going to create a yellow with a hint of green. My main problem is deciding how green a hint is. 

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