Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach on my Nails!

Running out of ideas for nail art. I should go back to leopard prints. Haha. Anyway, I did this design to commemorate the really really hot weather we are having here. Singapore is hot all year round, since we are close to the equator, but these few weeks are unbearably hot!

Anyway, it's summer, and since I'm running out of ideas for my nails, I decided to do a beach scene! The index and middle accent nails shows a beach towel on a beach. I drew in a crab, seashell and a starfish too. 

I sponged on Essie Topless and Barefoot (isn't that beach appropriate), China Glaze Electric Beat and OPI Suzi says Feng Shui. To make the water more realistic, I painted the sea with OPI Go On Green, which is a sheer blue that changes into green sometimes. Then I freehand the crab, seashell and starfish with OPI In My Back Pocket and TheFaceShop Melon Orange (Swatch coming soon.)

For the towel, I painted Elianto Coral Light and Michelle 08. 

This is taken in the sun. Can you see the hint of green in the sea? 

I came back from Malaysia with a haul (>.<) of 11polishes! Can you blame me? Things are so cheap there!! I'll post up the pics... if ever.. I still have my May Exam Haul post I haven't shared.. =( I'll post it up soon! If not, there's always my swatches! I'm so backup on it that my untried box is positively overflowing!! 

I'm entering this into Nailasaurus Load n' Vote Contest. Since the prize is Essie Summer Collection 2012, I thought this design is appropriate! You can join in the fun here too!

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