Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flat-Inspired Tape Mani

If you haven't seen Chalkboard Nail's Color Me Up Box Set Post, you haven't known awesome! The moment I set eyes on those pics, I knew I have to try to re-create it, even if I were to go down in it, like the Captain did in Titanic *cue dramatic music* 

And this is what I did. 

I didn't add white dots in the middle of the boxes because I wanted it to stay sharp. I do have to say, this is such a crazy mix of tape and polish! 

I'm going to point out my mistakes now! My index cuticles aren't cleaned up properly, but for some reason, white polish always gave me trouble. =( In the pic, you can see the odd blue strip looking slightly wonky on my middle finger. That's because I tried to cover up a mistake with white polish but my hand slipped! And the tape on the fourth finger is not proportionate, so the 'boxes' appeared squeezed at the bottom. 

Still, this is quite an interesting foray into tape nail art. 

Nail polish used: 
OPI Alpine Snow, China Glaze Kinetic Candy, OPI Skulls and Glossbones, TheFaceShop Coral

I know this is far from the neat tidy nails compared to ChalkBoardNails, but I am quite pleased with my creation. I just need more practice. Haha. 

By the way, the colors were inspired by the colors of my flat. A few years (?) back they repainted it into sunny shades. I always wanted to create nails based on these set of colors and I finally got a chance! Hence, the title of this post. 

That's all. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow it's very well done :) u're right, it's a great idea, so cute :) How many time did you spend doing it?

  2. Thank you! Took me about 1hour, I think. But I did my left hand and chicken out for my right hand! Haha. >.<