Saturday, June 30, 2012

Leopard Prints with a Twist No. 1

As I am writing this, my eyes are screaming at me to sleep but my brain refuses to shut down. I came home at 3am last night from an outing with my colleagues, and only managed to sleep at 5plus because I drank coffee!!! Does it affect you like this? I think I slept for 2hours at most! Now I can't sleep anymore. =( *Zombified*

This is one of my take on Leopard Prints. Leopard prints is a classic, and there are many ways to wear it! I've thought of a few that I have yet to try out; I'm going to.. soon. My work is taking over me though. But there's always time for nails! =) 

Did this with Elianto S02 and an index-middle accent with Elianto 04(egg shell). Then I printed leopard prints with my Konad M57 and added some dots with Elianto 09 (Coral Light).

I think the nude is a little dark so the contrast with the black doesn't show up as well. 

I'm not going to talk anymore because there is a possibility I'm gonna start blabbering and don't make sense. So enjoy your weekend! 

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