Monday, June 25, 2012

Roses over Choose Me!

I'm not sure why but the weekend was extremely long for me. It's like the hours are torturously (there's no such word, right?) slow, except who am I kidding, we all live for the weekends! Especially Saturdays, which is what I termed 'Date Day!'. Anyway, this is relevant because somehow, over the weekend, I ended up buying some polishes on Etsy! Yes! Finally!! I cannot wait for them to come! Haha. 

So, here is the mani that I wore on my M'sia trip. It's Essence Choose Me! stamped with white roses. 

It's certainly nice. But I like my nails to be 'spicier'! Hehe. I'm in a pretty good mood. If only my bf can take a week off, I'd love to bask on the beach with him. =) 

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