Friday, June 8, 2012

Tutorial: Bears

Hi, everyone! 

I thought I would do a small tutorial on how to draw bears on nails. My friends wanted to see how I actually do it but with our timetables clashing, there's no way they can see it first hand. So the second best thing is to show how here. 

This is a pic of my nails. The bear is on the index and middle nails. 

I thought about how to go about doing the tutorial. So I took the easy way out. =D

The pictures are numbered from left to right.. 

This is created with a dotting tool only. 
1) Once your base color dries, begin by drawing three dots, two in the corners, and one in the middle. This shall make sure your bear's head is not lopsided. 
2) Slowly join the three dots and fill up the semi-circle. You can either use the dotting tool or with the brush for the bottle. Do be careful if you are using the brush though.
3) Add two more dots for the bear's ears. Create another semi-circle with another color. Make sure there is enough space for the eyes and nose.
4) With a smaller dotting tool, add in the accents for ears. Use the dotting tool to make black dots for eyes and ears. 
5) This is the back of the bear's head.

That's it! It's easy for beginners so anyone can try. =) 

This is my first tutorial so please tell me how I can improve on it! Thanks for reading!! ^^

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