Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cirque Debris over Essie Navigate Her

Got my polish, Essie Navigate Her. It reminded me of China Glaze Re-fresh Mint. I'm not sure how close they are. Got my bottle of Cirque Debris too. Cirque is an indie polish brand that consist of the most original and fascinating polish. I've got 4 bottles in my stash.. and I'm considering if I should get Cirque Dark Horse too. 

Anyway, Cirque Debris consists of black square glitter, black hex glitter, small black hex glitter, silver hex glitter, small silver hex glitter, suspended in a holo glitter base. Complicated enough? Awesome enough? Oui! 

My cuticles and fingerbeds are sadly dying.. but I put lotion so it looked a little better now. 

The glitter is not hard to get out. I got plenty of black squares on my nails.. I admit, I have to fish for them.. and plopped them on my nails.. but then I realized that they came out easily when I tilted the bottle. -.- So it was extremely easy to apply after.

Look out for my other Cirque polishes!! 

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