Monday, July 9, 2012

Smurf Ruffle Mani

This is my second attempt at a Ruffle Mani. The first time I messed up the colors and the polish got so thick at the tips that it was yucky. And the placement of the dots required some practice too. This time, I chose 3 colors only, so that it would not be as confusing. The dots, or ruffles, still need to be perfected, but I think I've mastered the essentials of this technique!! 

I did it according to ChalkBoard Nails Ruffle Mani Tutorial. 

I painted my nails with OPI Alpine Snow.. Really REALLY hate painting my nails white. *Sigh* Then I grabbed my dotting tool and made layers of dots with OPI No Rooms for the Blues and Rainbow 11. The red could not cover the blue polish completely so there is an odd layer of purple where they meet... I tried to hide that with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, but decided that it looks better without the holo glitter. That's why my index-middle finger are glittery, if you are wondering. 

Definitely gonna try this again!! This is a little time consuming, but the end product was worth it! 

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