Monday, July 23, 2012

Stamping over No Room for the Blues + Swatch

I just got my bundle monsters plates, and I also bought China Glaze Romantic Collection: Adore, Passion, Devotion, Cherish, Admire, since they came highly recommended as stamping polish, and frankly speaking, I need a good silver stamping polish! 

So I had on OPI No Room For The Blues, which is a really awesome bright blue. I stamped over it with CG Devotion, a lavender metallic polish. 

Below is the Swatch of No Room for the Blues. I took loads of pics, but turned out the rest look ugly, and I deleted my backup. 

The stamping below looks bad, but I assure you that the polish works awesome as a stamping polish! I prob should try it with a darker base color.  This stamping is subtle, and not for me. 

Been so busy between working and gaming. Lol. My bf introduced me a new game so I have been neglecting my nails recently. NOT that they had gone one day without polish/nail art anyway. My colleagues were all 'Oh, you change your polish everyday!' Haha. I do not, by the way. 

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