Friday, August 3, 2012

Swatch: China Glaze Electric Beat

This bottle has been lying in my to-be-swatched pile for a period of time. Dug it up so that I could make space in that box.. for more polishes! Lol. Can't wait for payday!!! I've actually made a list of to-buys for this month! I've got my eye on the glitters from AphroditeLacquers.. =D

This is a nice blue, easy application. This is three coats I believe. Sorry for the lousy cleanup around the cuticles. 

I would have done some nail art for this except that it chipped the next day and I was too tired to fix it up. 

Wahhhh... I think anything that is blue-tinged looks nice on me! That's why red-toned purple looks hideous on me. Seriously. 

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