Wednesday, August 1, 2012

White Shatter over Sneeze Breeze

I've got The Hungry Asian's Sneeze Breeze and was debating what to do when I saw my White Shatter. It has been neglected because I don't see what I could do with it! Anyway, I layered it over Sneeze Breeze. I don't use white shatter often because sometimes it turned out weirdly, like the tip of my index finger and my ring finger. The white does not look as pretty as my middle finger. And of course my middle finger has to have an odd shape at the cuticle. God forbid my white shatter turns out perfectly. -.-

Probably have to put on a thick thick coat for my white shatter... 

This bottle is brought back by my beloved bf from Taiwan, so I'm not sure of the brand.. But it's so thoughtful of him to search for it, don't you think? 

I love how I can still catch a glimpse of the glitters of Sneeze Breeze from underneath the 'cracks' of white shatter. It certainly is a different way to wear the polish. 

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