Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Black and White

Today's challenge is Black and White! I came up with this nails while searching the net for something that is black and white. And I came across this picture. It is just full of squiggles and details. I thought that was quite interesting so I transferred it over to my nails! 

And boy, did I had a fun time drawing all those squiggles! Haha. I used a small paintbrush. Though it was late when I did the nails, I actually felt energized after that! 

Took this photos while I was studying. You can see my notes in the background. LOL. And the pen ink on my ring finger. I'm a messy note taker. >.< I wanted to take advantage of the lighting. Besides, black background gets boring after a while, no? 

I used OPI Alpine Snow as base, and China Glaze Liquid Leather to draw the details.

That's it for today! The next challenge is Metallic!

If you're interested in viewing the challenge prompts, you can view it here.
If you're interested in viewing what I have already done, you can view it here.

Have a nice day!!

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