Thursday, September 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Orange

Today's theme is orange!!! I've only got 2 bright orange in  my stash: OPI In my Back Pocket, and OPI A Roll in the Hague. I wanted to do a sponging gradient but I thought I'd try out a new stamping technique: stamping with two colors!! 

I've upgraded my stamping!! =) 

And it looks so pretty!! Like sunset colors stamped!!
This is OPI A Roll In the Hague and OPI In My Back Pocket, stamped over base color OPI Alpine Snow.

This is BM-201 design. Most of my Bundle Monster stamping plates are still unused, yet I'm eyeing Cheeky Summer Plates. Haha. I'll get my hands on them..... one day.

I didn't notice that I got my colors upside down on my pinky until a while later. By then I was too lazy to change. It shall be an accent nail then. Lol.

The next challenge is Yellow!!
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