Friday, September 28, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Violet

Well, I'm off to another challenge! Today's Violet, and I just take pick up the only dark purple polish that I could stand on my nails. Only pale lavender/purple looks nice on me but I do have a couple of dark purple polishes in my stash.. not sure why I got them in the first place since I seldom use them. I think I need to reflect on certain polishes in my stash. Why, I got more purples than yellows! 

So, I brought out OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight, which is a really dark purple. After thinking about it, I decided to associate purple with crowns, since purple is a royal color after all. So I painted my nails full of crowns with China Glaze Passion. 

It was actually supposed to be tiny crowns, but I'm not so skillful with tiny details, and my tiny crowns become medium crowns. Lol. The sharp edges gave me fits, and I have to go back with Lincoln to 'sharpen' the edges. I'm glad I used Passion because it was really opaque and saved me from having to go over the details too many times, which would increase the chances of making a mistake.

I'm enjoying the challenge so far. I've tried out quite a few designs that were on my to-do lists for a while.

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Have a nice day!

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