Saturday, September 15, 2012

I think I like Roses

I never had any preferences of any sort when it comes to flowers. They are all flowers to me. I accept roses from my boyfriend because roses are romantic right? But all flowers are pretty and about same. And oh, they wither away so fast. I have a bunch of dead roses in my room and I can't bear to throw them away. 

Roses on my Nails! These I can keep forever! 

Polishes used: Background: OPI Pink Friday, OPI Alpine Snow
Roses: Essie HotSpot, Essie Mojito Madness, highlighted with Rainbow 11(Red) and Bioop H197(Green)

So to make the roses, I just grab my dotting tools and make appropriate dots and go over it with a small brush to make the roses more nicer looking. 

I absolutely LOOOOOOVVVE this!! I don't want to take it off but the paint on my index finger peel off due to high stress at work so I get to change my nails.. 

I love the pic below!

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