Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mustache Nails -- Like a Sir!

I was on the train back from work when I saw this girl carrying a bag that says 'I heart Mustache' with the heart and Mustache being drawn. So I got crazy and wanted to have that on my nails. It's on my to-do list for some time but I put it off because I knew the curves of the mustache are hard to do. I'm not going to say it was easy in the end, and mine was perfect.. because the truth is, it was bloody HARD. 

This is my attempt.

I've included the site where they featured the video I followed. Here

I was running through my stash for a nice background color and decided on Essie A Crewed Interest. That was why I swatched it first. In the end, I decided that perhaps it looked better on a green background, like China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. A Crewed Interest is too close to my skin color to have any outstanding contrast.

And my Mustaches are all slightly lopsided! Haha! It was really hard to draw the curves and I'm not sure if it was because my nails were narrow or what. Haha. Found an image of a gentleman online so I put it on my middle finger. Reminds me of 9Gag, which I'm an avid fan of. 

Well, here is my -most likely only- attempt at Mustache Nails. I think I'll go for decals or stickers for an easier time! ^^

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