Monday, September 3, 2012

Swatch: OPI A Roll In The Hague

Got this bottle out to swatch recently. Note that I say swatch, not do nail art or anything. Sometimes I feel like I'm only buying unusual colors to swatch and then proceed to discard it. 

Anyway, this is a very sunset orange. You know when the sky turns bright red-orange during sunset? It reminds me of that. It is close to red though, but it is an orange. 

This is three coats. I like OPI's consistency. Sometimes when I get sick of battling with lousy formula and brushes, I got back to the big brands... OPI, China Glaze, Essie.. They are the staples of nail polish stash. 

I'm not sure if I like this color. It may be too close to red for me. Perhaps it'll look better if I did some nail art with it. What do you think of this color? 

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