Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a Happy Birthday!

Well.. Today's finally Halloween. And it's also my birthday!! Sadly, I'm not raving about it this year, even though I visited a real horror house for the first time and had a really awesome party on Saturday with awesome presents. I think it might be because today's a school day, and I'm stressing out from the pressure of balancing many things on my plate. Or it might be because I'm addicted to Sims. I wanted to change my nails but I was too busy (playing sims) LOL. 

I shan't say much here, because I want to play a few minutes more before I head to school. And there's a test tomorrow. Which I don't think I'll prepare. -.- I'm going to burn in hell. 

This is done with China Glaze I'm with a Lifeguard and China Glaze Liquid Leather. The thumb and Ring fingers are stamped on by BM223 AND 224 (I think)


Happy Halloween!! I have got another Halloween post coming up, and a birthday nails post. And I swatched a few (MARVELOUS) indie polishes that I've yet to post up! 

Happy Halloween!! Enjoy your trick-or-treating!! 

*Yupz, I'm putting the 31 Day Challenge on hold again until I finished posting those that I need to post first. Can't possibly post Halloween manis in December right? >.<

Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Tribal Print

So, I took a leaf out of ChalkBoardNails book (I do ADORE her!!) and did something caveman-style for this prompt. I must say that this looks marvelous! I like history personally, and as I was painting this, I thought about how the person who recorded these drawings on the wall was thinking at the moment. Like 'Oh, I must draw Jason* beside Timothy* because they are good friends. And Alex* must be at the corner because he is always slacking away' Lol. 

I put on 3 coats of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss (Boy am I glad I got this) and then sponged OPI Get On The Expresso Lane, OPI Alpine Snow, and Kalahari Kiss again in that order. It created a dirty muddy look that I like. I added in the drawings with Expresso Lane and a detailing brush. 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Delicate Print

Hello everyone! 

Today's theme is Delicate Print and I decided to go with something usual: Lace. Lace is a classic that never goes out of style. Plus I want to try my hand at double stamping and improve my stamping skills.

So, this is 3 coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. I got the mini bottle and am debating if I should get the 15ml bottle. I stamped over it with OPI Alpine Snow using BM221 and BM209. I thought they would come together to form a lace pattern well. Then, I put on a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust (which is sadly neglected most of the time), and then a coat of topcoat. Viola! 

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Flowers

So, today's theme is Flowers and I decided to do a mani to match my new dress. Not much to talk about, so I'll leave the talking to the pictures. 

I used Essie A Crewed Interest for the base. I did not like the polish when I used it the first time, but I may have changed my mind about it now. Heh. My flowers were made up of Essie HotSpot, China Glaze First Mate and OPI Alpine Snow. Then I dotted the centre of each flower with a gold polish and a dotting tool. I didn't add in the leaves because I think there weren't enough space. Lol. 

Thanks for dropping by! =)

I've included some links if you are interested: 

Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Animal Print

Hi there! Today's challenge is animal print! Does a butterfly counts as an animal? Oh well. I did monarch nails today, and it's too pretty to be passed up. You'll just have to pretend it is an animal. Heh. 

There're plenty of monarch nails done across the web so I crafted something similar to what there is. 

I did a gradient using OPI The It Color and OPI A Roll In The Hague. Then, using a small brush and China Glaze Liquid Leather, I did the stripes, and then added in dots with OPI Alpine Snow. I just bought additional bottles of black and white polishes because I had been using them too much! Lol. 

More photos! =X

Well, the next theme is flowers, and I found some inspiration from my dress. So stay tuned for it, okay? 

Thanks for dropping by! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Stripes

Hello again! I'm proud to present to you my StarBucks Nails for today's challenge: Stripes! I'm not sure what possessed me to do this, but I'm glad I did. It is certainly a learning curve for me! Take a look at it!! 

Okok, I know my logo looks a little wonky, but I think I got the basics down, and it is certainly interesting to do some fine detailing with the brush. I think I am hooked! 

So, I used OPI Fly, OPI Alpine Snow, and China Glaze Liquid Leather for this art. For the last three fingers, I carefully cut out pieces of striping tape and spaced them out evenly. It took some time, but believe me, it is so worth it to get the lines even. I used LushLacquer Salt n' Peppa for my index finger. I had two coats on, because the first coat did not have as many glitter as I would like. 

So.. I went crazy.. and photo spam my nails. lol

So. I am so proud of my design. I am going to do more stripes in the future, since I really can't bear to take this set off. I think I outdid myself. =D

Thanks for dropping by!! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Polka Dots

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second part of the 31 Day Challenge. I'm so glad I took some time off so that I can come up with brilliant ideas for the next ten challenges. They're really awesome! 

Let's start off with something simple, alright? 

Today's challenge is polka dots. For some reason, this design got stuck in my head and until I looked through ChalkBoardNails, I realized that mine is a reminiscent of hers. Though hers is more cleanly executed than mine. What can I say, she is so talented and inspiring. 

I used TheFaceShop polishes for everything. PK101 is the pink polish on the index finger, YL701 is the pale yellow, and G7R501 is the pale mint, though it showed up more blue in the photos. I then dotted with some gold I have in my stash.  

Well, stay tuned for the next couple of posts alright? I'm so excited to be presenting them! Lol. 

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Thanks for dropping by!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Essence Swatch: Iced Latte

I adore nude polishes! I don't wear them often, but they do appeal to me! I think it is because they are extremely similar to skin tones and has that more natural vibe to it. Afterall, it's rather odd to have purple nails growing.

This is Essence Swatch: Iced Latte. It is a little streaky, but after 3 coats, it builds up rather well. This is a pale nude. It does not remind me of Latte though, it brings to mind mushrooms. I'm not sure why. 

I'm continuing my 31 Day Challenge!! 

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Essence Swatch: Viva La Green

Well, I've recently changed my glasses, which is really old and have scratches on the lenses, and now I'm getting used to wearing the new glasses. I don't like the 'getting used to' part, where I'll get headaches and odd twinges. I don't think I'm the only one who feel like that when they put on new specs though. Anyhow, I got a specs with thicker frames, which is supposed to make me look more studious but my bf don't really like specs with thick frames. Still, I'm going to be stuck with this pair of specs until I change it, which is a year (or three) later. 

So, yet another Essence. This is my second last, no worries if you are getting quite bored. After Essence, I'm going to put up some 31 Day Challenge, before I interrupt it again with some (hopefully) Halloween Mani!! 

This is Essence Viva La Green, a bluish-green which is really beautiful. It's a creme, and extremely easy to wear. I think cool tone colors suit me better than warm tone colors. So, this is 3 easy coats, smooth as butter, and my pictures. 

Note that my hand positioning has improve!! Lol!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Essence Swatch: Passion For Fashion

Hi Everyone. Look like everyone is gearing up for the Halloween! I'm pretty fond of Halloween, although we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Singapore. We certainly do not dress up and go trick and treating in our neighborhood! It does sounds nice though. ^^

Here I am, with another Essence Swatch today. Passion for Fashion is a pretty purple cream that went on in three easy coats. I'm not always fond of purple, but I think I might be willing to tolerate this shade. 

On to the pics!! 

And a bottle shot!! I'm still practicing my hand positioning for that... The bottle is small and it made my hand feel slightly awkward. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Essence Swatch: C'est La Vie!

I'm here with another Essence swatch! I'm working on the second part of my 31 Day Challenge, still, racking my mind to think of nice designs! This is Essence C'est La Vie, and it's a beautiful dusty carrot orange, like when you let a carrot roll in one corner and it gathers dust - if it can't rot, that is. 

Anyway, this is 3 coats. I could do with two coats, but I just placed a third coat just to be sure. 

Don't have much to say. Lmao~

Monday, October 8, 2012

Essence Swatch: A Lovely Secret

Hi guys, 

If you were following this blog, you'd know that I was doing the 31 Day Challenge, still am, actually, but I am taking a teeny short break now since I just finished one-third of the challenge to think of more designs for the second part. 

No worries, I've got plenty of swatches to show! 

This is Essence A Lovely Secret. This is a pale lavender polish with a beautiful purple glitter that can be seen in the bottle. Not that it translate well onto the nails. You can take a look at my photo below. 

This is three coats. Essence polish really built up well. It may seem thin and watery on the first coat, but the second coat makes all the difference, and three coats is just perfect. 

I'm not sure if you can see it, but the polish is two-toned. It is 'spotted' with a darker purple, which I assumed is the purple shimmer which failed to shimmer. I didn't put on topcoat for this, so I can't say if the shimmer will come out with the topcoat on. Which, speaking of, my topcoat is running really fast because of the 31 Day Challenge. -.-

Here's a photo of the bottle so that you can see the shimmer in the polish. It's beautiful! But so shy... 

That's it for this swatch. I've got a few bottles of Essence hanging around unused in my room. So I'm going to post up swatches of them in the meantime. Hopefully I'll get back to the 31 Day Challenge in a week or so.. *Thinking furiously now*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Gradient

Today's challenge is Gradient!

When I saw this prompt, I thought, 'Oh hell, I shouldn't have done gradient for Metallic challenge. Now I have to think of a new design for gradient'. Then I remembered that I saw this gradient a while ago on one of the blogs I was following and sighed in relief. Now I no longer need to worry about what to do for this challenge!

So this is similar to a french manicure, except it is a gradient, plus my whites are not at the tips but in 50-50 proportion. I used Essie Topless and Bottom and OPI Alpine Snow for the gradient, and layered Cirquie Potosi over it. 

Cirque Potosi is a silver shard and gold glitter with small mircroglitter that is extremely beautiful. I got mine at MeiMeiSignature's for $16. It does international shipping and has a whopping collection of indie nail polish!

Here, I layered 2 coats of Cirque Potosi because the first coat does not has as many glitter on each nails as I would like. Plus, the clear solution seemed to be more than the glitter so that glitter has to be fished out of the bottle with the brush. I do love the lavender scent from the polish. I could still smell it after 2 days which is pretty awesome!

So, this is my gradient. What do you think? Is the traditional french mani still better than a french gradient? I'm on the fence personally. 

If you wanna see the challenge prompts, you can view it here.
If you wanna see what I've done till now, you can view it here

Have a nice day!!