Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Gradient

Today's challenge is Gradient!

When I saw this prompt, I thought, 'Oh hell, I shouldn't have done gradient for Metallic challenge. Now I have to think of a new design for gradient'. Then I remembered that I saw this gradient a while ago on one of the blogs I was following and sighed in relief. Now I no longer need to worry about what to do for this challenge!

So this is similar to a french manicure, except it is a gradient, plus my whites are not at the tips but in 50-50 proportion. I used Essie Topless and Bottom and OPI Alpine Snow for the gradient, and layered Cirquie Potosi over it. 

Cirque Potosi is a silver shard and gold glitter with small mircroglitter that is extremely beautiful. I got mine at MeiMeiSignature's for $16. It does international shipping and has a whopping collection of indie nail polish!

Here, I layered 2 coats of Cirque Potosi because the first coat does not has as many glitter on each nails as I would like. Plus, the clear solution seemed to be more than the glitter so that glitter has to be fished out of the bottle with the brush. I do love the lavender scent from the polish. I could still smell it after 2 days which is pretty awesome!

So, this is my gradient. What do you think? Is the traditional french mani still better than a french gradient? I'm on the fence personally. 

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Have a nice day!!

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