Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Polka Dots

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second part of the 31 Day Challenge. I'm so glad I took some time off so that I can come up with brilliant ideas for the next ten challenges. They're really awesome! 

Let's start off with something simple, alright? 

Today's challenge is polka dots. For some reason, this design got stuck in my head and until I looked through ChalkBoardNails, I realized that mine is a reminiscent of hers. Though hers is more cleanly executed than mine. What can I say, she is so talented and inspiring. 

I used TheFaceShop polishes for everything. PK101 is the pink polish on the index finger, YL701 is the pale yellow, and G7R501 is the pale mint, though it showed up more blue in the photos. I then dotted with some gold I have in my stash.  

Well, stay tuned for the next couple of posts alright? I'm so excited to be presenting them! Lol. 

If you wanna see the challenge prompts, you can view it here.
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Thanks for dropping by!!

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