Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Rainbow

Rainbow!! That's the challenge for today! There're so many crazy nails out there and I'm pretty sure that what could have been done were done before by others, and I felt a little intimidated by their awesome designs! Really! Have you seen the caliber out there? Nail art is now nail ART.

On to my nails. I did a skittle instead of a normal rainbow design. I painted my nails with yellow, orange, red, blue and purple and wondered if I had somehow missed out on green. I don't really recall green as one of the colors of the rainbow! Lol. 

So the colors are as follows: Yellow - OPI The 'It' Color
Orange - OPI In My Back Pocket
Red - Rainbow 11
Blue - OPI No Room for the Blues
Purple - Essence A Lovely Secret

I stamped it with BM 321 using China Glaze Liquid Leather. 

The stamping did not turned out crisp this time and was a little blurry. That sucks and I was rather put off by it. I have no idea by this is blurry. 

So, as usual, if you want to take a look at the challenge, you can view it here.
If you want to look at what I have done, you can see it here.

Enjoy your day!!

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