Monday, October 8, 2012

Essence Swatch: A Lovely Secret

Hi guys, 

If you were following this blog, you'd know that I was doing the 31 Day Challenge, still am, actually, but I am taking a teeny short break now since I just finished one-third of the challenge to think of more designs for the second part. 

No worries, I've got plenty of swatches to show! 

This is Essence A Lovely Secret. This is a pale lavender polish with a beautiful purple glitter that can be seen in the bottle. Not that it translate well onto the nails. You can take a look at my photo below. 

This is three coats. Essence polish really built up well. It may seem thin and watery on the first coat, but the second coat makes all the difference, and three coats is just perfect. 

I'm not sure if you can see it, but the polish is two-toned. It is 'spotted' with a darker purple, which I assumed is the purple shimmer which failed to shimmer. I didn't put on topcoat for this, so I can't say if the shimmer will come out with the topcoat on. Which, speaking of, my topcoat is running really fast because of the 31 Day Challenge. -.-

Here's a photo of the bottle so that you can see the shimmer in the polish. It's beautiful! But so shy... 

That's it for this swatch. I've got a few bottles of Essence hanging around unused in my room. So I'm going to post up swatches of them in the meantime. Hopefully I'll get back to the 31 Day Challenge in a week or so.. *Thinking furiously now*

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