Sunday, October 14, 2012

Essence Swatch: Viva La Green

Well, I've recently changed my glasses, which is really old and have scratches on the lenses, and now I'm getting used to wearing the new glasses. I don't like the 'getting used to' part, where I'll get headaches and odd twinges. I don't think I'm the only one who feel like that when they put on new specs though. Anyhow, I got a specs with thicker frames, which is supposed to make me look more studious but my bf don't really like specs with thick frames. Still, I'm going to be stuck with this pair of specs until I change it, which is a year (or three) later. 

So, yet another Essence. This is my second last, no worries if you are getting quite bored. After Essence, I'm going to put up some 31 Day Challenge, before I interrupt it again with some (hopefully) Halloween Mani!! 

This is Essence Viva La Green, a bluish-green which is really beautiful. It's a creme, and extremely easy to wear. I think cool tone colors suit me better than warm tone colors. So, this is 3 easy coats, smooth as butter, and my pictures. 

Note that my hand positioning has improve!! Lol!

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