Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a Happy Birthday!

Well.. Today's finally Halloween. And it's also my birthday!! Sadly, I'm not raving about it this year, even though I visited a real horror house for the first time and had a really awesome party on Saturday with awesome presents. I think it might be because today's a school day, and I'm stressing out from the pressure of balancing many things on my plate. Or it might be because I'm addicted to Sims. I wanted to change my nails but I was too busy (playing sims) LOL. 

I shan't say much here, because I want to play a few minutes more before I head to school. And there's a test tomorrow. Which I don't think I'll prepare. -.- I'm going to burn in hell. 

This is done with China Glaze I'm with a Lifeguard and China Glaze Liquid Leather. The thumb and Ring fingers are stamped on by BM223 AND 224 (I think)


Happy Halloween!! I have got another Halloween post coming up, and a birthday nails post. And I swatched a few (MARVELOUS) indie polishes that I've yet to post up! 

Happy Halloween!! Enjoy your trick-or-treating!! 

*Yupz, I'm putting the 31 Day Challenge on hold again until I finished posting those that I need to post first. Can't possibly post Halloween manis in December right? >.<

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