Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Swatch: PrettynPolished Pheonix

Hi everyone! As you can see, I'm back! I have solved the photos problem temporarily (I simply went back to my old posts which have plenty of lousy photos and such, and deleted or took out some. Then I went to Picasa and deleted some from there as well. -Realized I should have gone to Picasa straight.- I enlarged the old photos as well. Some of the quality sucks.. =( I'll take them down when I have the time, and put up better swatches.) So, it's a temporary fix, and it will probably last me another 100 posts or such. 

Back to the polish, because that's what you're here for! I've got another PrettynPolished swatch for you. This is Pheonix, a yellow, orange, red glitter which looks a lot like fire. It looks so cool! I layered this over OPI If You Moust You Moust. As I have said, PrettynPolished is a really good indie if you want to try. Her formulas are really awesome, and there's no need to go fishing! 

So, how's your long weekend (BlackFriday, Small Business Sat, Cyber Mon)? I almost went crazy over the polishes, but I ended up choosing PrettynPolished to splurge. Alright.. I am waiting for her new collection, plus I bought several more when she had an awesome 25% off on Saturday! Too bad someone got to I Love Penguins before me. Her collection and new website is launching on Wed, and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! 

Plus, Sonnetarium and Jindie Nails are coming to MeiMei's, so I am waiting for that as well. 

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